We catch up with Madusea and ask him a few questions about his new EP that dropped on 1st October.

So Madusea, you have just dropped the Unfolding E.P on Default. Was the release inspired by anything in particular?
Yeah, I am so happy it’s out ! I spent a lot of time working on it. It was greatly inspired by artists like Stoner & Dottor Poison, QZB and Visages…trying to recreate a deep and dark atmosphere like they do so well.

You have created 3 great individual tracks each with different vibes, do you set out with an idea for an EP or do you tackle each track on it’s own and see where it leads?
Everyone has their habits in terms of making music. I usually make a couple of tracks in the same mood. It’s not necessarily intended to be an ep, but as I often work on different tracks at the same time they end up being complementary. Shades and Pitfall are quite different, but they are kind of interdependent, at least for me.

Which is your favourite track from the release and why?
I think Unfolding is the most accomplished. Working on it took a lot of time, a lot of resampling and editing, but in the end I am proud of the result. It is the climax of the schema of thought of this ep. Shades has this hammer-style deep and minimalist ambiance, kind of the beginning of something, and Pitfall is more of a mental chase against myself I sometimes have.

You released the Soulmate EP earlier in the year on Bay 6 Recordings alongside fellow producer Hazqa which featured more liquid style tracks. Is this what the vibe is like when you both get together in the studio?
Hazqa and I met at a Get In Step event in Paris, about one year and a half ago. Since then we work a lot together making music and mixes and it’s always good times. He is the chill side of us, making great melodies while I tend to do angrier stuff. Working together is always a lot of pleasure, as he is a great composer and a great sound designer.

Do you plan to release more liquid tracks or are you concentrating more on the harder edged stuff like on the Unfolding EP?
Ahah, it’s nice you ask, because the angriest tune Hazqa and I never made should be out early November on Darkbass Records. Beside that, I am currently working on some really chill tunes in a Sublab mood, and some junglist vibes as well, so… a bit of everything !

What influences you when making music?
When making music I would say I am influenced a lot by what’s happening in my life, like everyone I guess. I try to express something, tell a story I couldn’t tell with words, and drum and bass is for me the perfect abstract music to communicate what you have inside.

What are your goals, dreams and aspirations?
Wow deep question! I would say the big goal would be to be a better musician, and to do music that connect more people. For now I try to work more, and maybe one day make an album!

What’s in the pipeline for you in 2018 and 2019?
I am currently working on a lot of different stuff, a lot more different than I did until now. I should have some good surprises coming up in the next year, maybe a new ep…

Top 3 DnB tracks right now?
The Portal by Joe Ford, Wubba Lubba by Proxima and Sleeping Awake by the Brazilian Urbandawn.

Top 3 favourite classics?
I have to say Undertaker by the Upbeats, because it’s the first track of dnb I ever listened. It took me several weeks to understand it, but after that I knew drum and bass would be the love of my life. The second one would be History of the future by the great geniuses Camo & Krooked, and I will finish with Dustup by Noisia, still killing dancefloors when dropping it.

And lastly, any shouts and thanks?
Big shouts to the lead singer from Affidavit, as he helps me on all kind of stuff. Also many thank’s to Hazqa, and all the Parisian scene that has been supporting me lately ! I’ll finish with my mom, because even if she still can’t say “drum and bass” without a mistake, I love her so much.

Thanks so much for your time Madusea. We look forward to hearing more tracks from you in the near future.

Madusea – Unfolding E.P is available right now from all good download stores and of course our bandcamp page.