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Creatures was formed when Harvey and Jake met outside a pub and had a chat about music. After this they began to meet regularly to make music together. After a while making a few cool tunes they decided to create a name for themselves and so the name arose after a bit of discussion. Being on the same college course really helped the process as they both met Ben separately and brought him on board.

Once we all joined together we really got down to business, albeit after a few months of difficulties in order to reach a good point of synergy. Once we all started to flow together and bounce ideas of each other, tracks begun to form more swiftly.

We have a strong vision for the future with all kinds of electronic music in mind. With drum and bass we want to carve a path through the scene with releases of many labels such as Dispatch Recordings, Automate, NOCID Business to name a few. With a strong passion for drum and bass we hope to move forward into the scene and produce a wide range of styles before moving onto and focusing on other styles of electronic music.

We’re confident that we are going to have a solid career in the drum and bass scene with our experimental and raw talent. Creatures of the Mist is a project we hope to keep producing under indefinitely. Expect to hear more from us soon!