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Even from a early age music has always been his nirvana, never without a Walkman by his side but it wasn’t until he was around 13 before he really found his musical feet. Although already a keen drummer it was electronic dance music and the rave sound that exited foureye (andrew munday) the most! “The mix tapes that where around in 94-95 where just so epic to me, the massive bass lines matched with a mashed up amen and synth noises that kicked your eardrum just could always take me to a happy place”. And finally at 15 got his first set of turntables.

For the next few years any spare time was either spent mixing with or out searching for records, but by 18 his sound had slowly turned from the “old school hardcore” to the more progressive hard “house” scene. Now armed with a trusty set of 1210’s he began playing out at house party’s and pre-clubs in 97 and soon realized that there is an art to playing to a crowd! “This may sound silly but I feel as a DJ your there to entertain just as any performer, so I put a lot of energy in to the building of my mixes, planning for musical highs and lows and how to mix the more harder bass driven house that would keep them firmly on the dance floor with the subtle sounds of the more commercial and upbeat sound to get them up on it in the first place”. He continued to DJ in and around the Brighton area in bars and clubs until 2004.

After years away from all things music his passion was re-ignited with a chance meeting with a couple of old friends, that one night back on the decks at a after party house jam was all he needed to get back to music. This was the first time he was introduced to Drum & Bass and there was no going back! “What I love about dnb is the devise sounds held within a single genre, ranging from the beautifully soulfulness of Alix Perez to the deep menacing Dub Motion and everything in between”. One of these friends has been producing for many years manly on hip-hop projects but took the time out to teach the newly named foureye the ways of the producer “I had messed about a bit with producing house music years ago using outboard equipment but was still very much a novice”. So after many long studio sessions using a standard laptop and m-audiophile soundcard he started to get to grips with the art, and having tried out many DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) programs he found that it was FL Studio that which he was most comfortable with and upgraded to a more professional studio set up. Over the past three years foureye has been hard at work in his studio learning and moving towards the chance of producing the best tracks of his capability and now working with live vocalists and MC’s hopes to create music the same way he thought out DJ sets, which is to merge the heavy funk and bass from the underground scene with elements of a more commercial sound.

With a number of tracks mastered and ready for release he’s ready to start a new musical chapter with Default. “I’m really happy in becoming a member of the Default Recordings team and looking forward to the sounds that we can create”.