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I’ve been producing electronic music as a hobby since 2010, although I started to invest more time into producing and writing songs in 2012 as I had developed my understanding of software and techniques to produce better quality music. I started out using Ableton and taught myself through endless hours of tutorials on Youtube where I then discovered Reason. I was much more comfortable with Reason due to its ‘studio-like’ appearance. I was more familiar with its set-up as I had initially played guitar and vocals in a rock/ metal band, so I had gained knowledge through recording tracks with them and also through picking up bits and pieces of what my dad has said as he is a musician as well.

I don’t have a particular sound that I stick to, although I prefer to have some recorded aspects in my songs, either from guitar, vocals or sampling any object I can find that produces an obscure or effective sound. I also tend to incorporate orchestral features into drum and bass, whether it’s just using some strings and a piano or going all out with a full string section, big percussion and basses. My sound has developed through listening to a range of genres and styles as I am a lover of all music including anything ranging from jazz to metal. I have mainly listened to electronic music for the past few years after my friends introduced me to producers such as Daft punk and Justice, which gradually developed into listening to the likes of Nero and pendulum. Following that I was pretty much hooked on anything with a nice beat and a heavy bass.

At the moment I am just a bedroom producer, but I intend to upgrade my equipment and studio, which I hope will develop my sound. I also intend to start DJing as I have made mixes in the past but do not have the equipment and haven’t had any opportunities to play them in front of a crowd, although as I turn 18, I will begin to try DJing at a few local night clubs to get my name out there and to get everyone skanking.