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Naked Objects

Naked Objects


The Naked Objects are known for their diverse sound which ranges from minimal to deep across dubstep, drum and bass, house & chill out. Formed in 2011 they consist three members; John, Joss and Ziz.
Originally all from the area around Banbury in North Oxfordshire they cut their musical teeth whilst at secondary school, hanging out in the early nineties listening to much-cherished tapes from London stalwart pirate stations like Don FM, Dream FM & Weekend Rush, plus shacking out at the likes of Dreamscape, Labyrinth, Helter Skelter, AWOL, United Dance & Slammin’ Vinyl.

In fact, raving was in their blood – the Helter Skelter crew were based in John’s village, and many a free party frequented the area. John and Coco & the Dope Ammo crew were hanging out back in the day and collaborated on a Bassment records dubplate that was doing the rounds a couple of years ago. Ziz also hung out with Wickaman and talked music when they were at school.

As anyone who was so into their dance music did back then, the boys all started DJing and used to hang out with Dr Syntax who mc’d for them before pursuing his successful UK Hip Hop career. Within a few years their thirst for more levels of creativity took over and the Naked Objects began making tunes for fun in 2000 – over the years their focus has shifted from DJing to production.

They’ve worked under various guises including The Dark Horse Pugilists and are looking forward to smashing it in 2014 with a run of releases planned on Default Recordings, The Naked Objects are ones to look out for in 2014.