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We started in late January this year. We knew we were both producing but didn’t do anything with it. I (querijn) came up with the idea to work together with Jochem. We had a french lesson when I told him: ‘What if we work together?’ It was ok but we didn’t know which genre to produce because the moment I asked we both produced a genre which the other didn’t want to produce. I had my eye on Drum & Bass for a while and thought maybe that could be the genre. I mentioned it and it was settled but we needed a name. Jocem came up with newcase and it was pretty good but it was a bit cliché in my eyes. So I made it Newcaise and luckily Jochem was ok with this. That’s how Newcaise was born. By the way Caise is the romanian word for apricots. So it actually says new apricots!