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Peter Pierce AKA Piercey fell in love with real music when he moved to Milton Keynes in the early 80’s from North Wales.At  first it was his love of electro and the golden era of Hip Hop 86 to 94,the scratching and deejaying was what grabbed me first and wanted to be able to match my hero’s at the time.The first set of turntables I owned were 2 sony turntables from  Argos with no pitch adjustment and a Tandy mixer and I thought I ruled the world ha ha .A few years later I got a pair of  direct drive turntables I think they were JBL’s, I actuallly travelled by train to Romford, Essex and carried them back to MK via train and tube because my Father would not let me use his credit card over the phone. These are the turntables that I  taught myself to beat match and early scratch techniques, around 1992 I got my first Technics SL1200MK2’s and still have these today.

I started to venture into London clubbing in 1990 firstly attending Buzbys on the regular before graduating to Club  Labyrynth in Dalston and went week in week out for a couple of years.I also used to attend the bigger raves also Raindance,Weekend World, Bagleys, Dreamscapes etc.

I instantly fell in love with the rave sound, I loved the breakbeats and working out where the breaks were from, for example Mickey Finn Some Justice sampled the end break from Run Dmc’s Run’s House. Along with the breaks I loved the general sound, basslines and crazy sounds in some cases.

Once I was confident I could mix and play out in the 90’s I was fortunate to start playing out in and around the MK area at parties and clubs including The sanctuary, Winter Gardens and  Bar Central in Mk.

I have been playing at Hip Hop jams the last few years for (online hiphop retail store/record label) and have had the privelige of playing alongside and meeting some of my hiphop hero’s like Rodney P and Skitz, Dj Tigerstyle, Mr  Thing, Yungun, Phi life cypher, MCM(Caveman). I was fortunate to have my first vinyl release in Dec 2012 on a uk hip hop  project called 32 Troop Battleplan on Fat Hop Records where i done the scratching for the track. We have been putting on nights in MK with the same crew called Hip Hop Owes Me Money.

I have been dabbling with producing for about 10 years or so now, starting off with a Powermac in the late 90’s with mixed  results.It was 2 years ago I got back into producing when I bought my set-up which consists of Hp Laptop and 2nd  monitor, Akai MPK 25 keyboard, Akai MPD Pad Controller, Korg mini mixing desk and Fostex monitor speakers.

I generally produce drum and bass but also venture into the world of breakbeat and hip hop.

In July 2011 I was fortunate to come runner up in KMAG’s unsigned competition with my dnb track called People Of The Universe. I have been concentrating on production mainly the last couple of years and honing my sound and production skills and testing the water through Soundcloud with some positive feedback and a healthy amount of followers.

Purely by chance I met Flapjack late in 2012 whilst having a cigarette at work when he started work were I work and we instantly hit it off through the love of the music and i was asked to guest on his radio show on, which I have  done a couple of times now and hope to do more in the future.

The future is looking bright with the launch of Default Recordings and I look forward to releasing my music and  collabarating with other Default artists……

Catch PIERCEY once a month as a guest on the Default Recordings Show 9-11pm GMT.