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I got introduced to early hardcore music in when i was 11 by my older sister, i remember hearing the music from her bedroom and thinking to myself this music is amazing.

I managed to get hold of the tape she was playing at the time which was about a year old by then, it was a recording of a pirate station called Green Apple, i soon made a copy of the tape and listened to it over and over, i looked for the station on my dads radio and couldn’t find it but I found a few stations that did it for me – Don Fm and the Kool Fm, from there i learned all things rave!

I bought a pair of soundlabs which i spent about 3 hours a day mixing on. After about 9 months at 16 i did a mixtape which i was really pleased with and sent it off to Eternity Magazine ( Big rave mag at the time ) and it won best hardcore mixtape. On the back of that my mate Neil managed to get me a set at Labrynth at the 4 aces club in Dalston lane on my 17th birthday ( i think ).

Since then i have played alongside some of the biggest names in dance music  e.g. Pendulum, Goldie, Hype, Slipmatt, Roll Deep at loads of clubs e.g Club Colloseum in Vauxhall, Destiny in Watford, Eden, Es Paradis and Kanya in Ibiza, Time in amsterdam to name a few. I have also had weekly radio shows on Abyss FM, Freeze FM, and Vybe FM.

Previously my production weapons of choice were my Carillon PC running Cubase, an Emu E5000 Ultra Sampler, and the Roland JP808 synth, i was getting pretty good results out of that but after trying out logic on a friends set up i decided to switch to Mac and Logic.

I now produce varied styles of Drum n Bass as QST on my new Logic setup.