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Been djing since 1990, around the time of acid house. The thing that first got me interested in the dj side of things was going out to some old skool raves such as Fantasia, Fantastic Ibiza, Raindance, Cryptonite and Weekend World. Milwalkees was a massive night around these times with the likes of resident dj’s like Master Safe, Clarkee and Swanne. They also had heavyweight dj’s coming down and blowing the place apart, almost all the legends that are still around today. These nights got me hooked on the music. I found the sounds were fresh and innovative and really inspired me to get more involved. My first setup was a pair of JBL’s and got into buying vinyl. I learnt to mix, banged out a few mix tapes to my friends, word got about and I started playing at house parties then became resident in a few clubs around MK such as the Winter Gardens and the famous Sanctuary. Over the years I’ve had slots on various radio stations such as DnBRadio, Rough Tempo, Streaming FM, and IToldUsoRadio.

I started the natural progression turning from Djing to producing. Years ago my first setup was some old skool apple mac running cubase and spent a few years working on that. From there I upgraded to an Akai 3000, some Roland sound modules and continued to get my head round how these artists came up with these stunning tunes. Music production changed and became more DAW at which point I switched to Reason and then onto Studio One.

These days I’m more into producing than ever and striving to improve and progress my sound. The technical side of the music is improving leaps and bounds. Who knows where it will end up… With anything in life, do something that you love and makes you happy. With some hard work and dedication, you never know what you can achieve.