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New V Recordings Signing Balistik Exclusive Interview

How did you first get involved in the Underground music scene?

My first involvement with the underground scene was with a reggae outfit called Daddy Missile in the mid to late 80’s but by the early 90’s i was getting into the new sound (rave/hardcore) that was sweeping the nation so started to learn to mix, so with a loan from Flapjack (his decks) and a couple of tips I locked my self away for a few days and truly got the mixing bug. From then there was no looking back.

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Future Events

Catch Flapjack at these forthcoming events:


18 March 2013 Future Events Read more

Cat Knight Interview

How did you first get involved in the Underground music scene?

Well it all started for me when I fell in love with the wicked flyers way back in the day about 1989 when I was at school, I was so intrigued I had to find out more. I purchased a ‘Fantasia’ tape pack then went out to my first all-nighter called “CREAM/DESTINY” @ Oscars on Clacton pier the rest is history, I was hooked!

3 March 2013 Artist  Drum & Bass  Vocal artist Read more

LTJ Bukem online archive

LTJ Bukem is a pioneer in the drum and bass scene and was a main player for  moving drum and bass in a new direction way back in 1992 with the ground-breaking Demons Theme on Good Looking Records and also helping in the Logical Progression (no pun intended!) of the drum and bass sound from jungle into a new sound known as “Intelligent” or what is known today as “Liquid” .

2 March 2013 Artist  DJ Read more

IDC Talks about the best DAW’s for making Beats

The Best DAW’s out today?

People are always asking “What’s the best DAW out there for making beats?”. The answer to that one is really it’s all down to personal preference. Most of them do the same things but in a different way. All have different workflows and it’s really down to how you work and which is best suited to you.

1 March 2013 DAW Read more

Default Recordings Facebook Twitter & YouTube

Hey peepz be sure to come say hi on our new social sites. We will be feeding all the latest updates, mixes and future default Recording events so be sure to follow us for all the latest DnB developments.

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DJ Flapjack – Founder Default Recordings

With the new website now online i thought it would be a good idea to inform you of whats in store over the next few months. First off we will be giving away one FREE EXCLUSIVE track from one of our artists in the next couple of months for you to download! Also over the coming weeks we will have alot more content appearing on the website with regards to Audio, Video etc and each of our artists will be taking turns in writing a blog every week to keep you updated in what is happening in their world thus keeping the website fresh with new content to read.

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IDC Interview

How did you first get involved in the Underground music scene?

I’ve always been into music as far back as i can remember. i still remember sitting on the school bus jamming with my massive cassette tape walkman (yes cassette tapes!!!) listening to early hip hop, de la soul, Ice T, Eric B and Rakim, KRS One, Public Enemy, Tuff Crew, Demon Boys.. man the list goes on, that sound inspired me, it was fresh and new. This lead me into the explosion of acid house. By this time I was about 16-17 and I started going to out to all-nighters, some illegal raves and some very early raves such as Fantastic Ibiza, Raindance, and fantasia to name a few which were held in these random warehouses. It was all new back in the day and the vibes where just amazing. Nothing like today. It was all about the music and having a good time, no pretences, everyone was there to have a good time, there was never any trouble or bad attitudes. Things just evolved from there really.

19 February 2013 Artist  DJ  Drum & Bass Read more

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