We are very excited here at Default about the forthcoming release of the 5 track Boundaries EP Part 1 out on 17th February with Part 2 following shortly after with a release date of 3rd March.

We are very excited about the hype surrounding our first EP release and we are recently featured in the highly regarded Kmag which you can read HERE or read on below.


Default Recordings are once again hitting the charts, this time with their Boundaries EP part 1. The multi-artist release is their best yet, so we chatted to Ian from the label all about the release, and what more they’ve got planned for the future.

Why don’t you start by telling us some of the artists who are appearing on Boundaries.

In all we have 5 artists collaborating on Boundaries EP Part 1, firstly a guy who needs no introduction Saxxon from Savage Rehab on the remix tip for us. Label veteran Coolhand Flex appears again with some fresh beats. Foureye makes another appearance after his recent debut release. West (Formerly IDC) comes back with a couple of co-labs. We also have Piercey making another appearance and Phrase making his debut on the label.

And how are they contributing, music-wise?

Kicking off Part 1 we are proud to bring you a remix of QST’s seminal “Red Dwarf” which featured on our debut release. This time we have Saxxon at the controls, he’s taken the track in a new direction whilst keeping the original vibe, we think it really works and we hope people like it. Next up we have Coolhand Flex, he comes back after his release Soundboy/Master back on DEF002 with a track entitled “Ultra”. This one has Flex written all over it as he brings his signature sound again with a head nodding 7:30 minute roller. Next up, Phrase makes his debut on the label with a colab from West with “30 Year Ritual”, a no frills deep heavy cruncher that takes no prisoners. West appears again alongside Piercey this time with the more melodic “About Time”. Last but not least Foureye comes with a wicked dancefloor track featuring the vocal skills from Kona entitled “Gangster Boy”.

How did you put the two EPs together?

We didn’t initially decide on putting out a two part EP it just kind of happened. We did have the idea of putting out a four track EP but then it just spiralled into a two part venture. We had a load of tracks kicking about that we wanted to put out so we just went with it.

And why have you decided to release two EPs? Did you think about singles, or an album?

We decided on two EPs in the end just to really showcase all the artists on the label at once, rather than cutting these down into single releases. We decided on splitting out the two parts, the first part following a more deeper, darker vibe while the second part being more along the liquid tip. We wanted to give people different vibes and styles which is something we really push for on Default. Drum and bass is so diverse you have to show the full circumference of this music. In terms of doing an album, this did cross our minds and is definitely something in the pipeline for us. This is something we will look at in the future, but is has to be right. Right time, right tunes. An album is a big statement so it has to come correct.

What are some of the things that make Default Recordings stand out?

Our aim at Default Recordings is to bring you quality Drum & Bass with an underground flavour. We wants to produce and release music that will catch the attention of the listener incorporating styles that the Default artists have experienced from the being involved with the scene from way back from the early acid house era and hardcore days right through to the present drum and bass scene today. We have some established producers on our label along with some new and exciting talent so our hope is with this blend of artists we can really add to the existing healthy scene that we have out there at the moment.

And how do you intend to expand and grow the label as we go into the future?

Off the back of the second part of the EP which will be available from the 3rd March, we are looking to improve as a label, press on, improve on our sound and just get some real good music out there. Having Saxxon from Savage Rehab remix one of our tracks is a massive plus for us and will hopefully get more exposure to the Default label. We are always looking for more artists who can come with the real essence of this music. Put it this way, if we like it, we will try and get it out there for release. We love this scene and I guess we are just trying to give something back in the hope people enjoy what we are doing. We will be releasing more original music along with getting more remixes done of some of the tracks that are already out there on Default. We are going to try and start releasing on a more regular basis, currently we have a release schedule of once a month but we are looking to step that up a bit for this year. Also after the success of our launch party back in August down at Cafe 1001, we will definitely be looking at around summer time to host another event to celebrate Defaults 1st birthday with some special guest djs. Remember, we are always on the lookout for new talent, if you think you have got what it takes then head on over to our website for more info about sending us a demo!

Give me some artists that are on your radar at the moment – both from Default and outside in the wider musical world.

We have just signed a trio called Naked Objects and we are very excited to have them on board. They have some killer tracks so we are really looking forward to releasing their stuff in the near future. QST is also coming with some new stuff which is amazing, different level. On the wider scope there are so many good producers making fantastic dnb at the moment it’s hard to name them all, name one, you have to name the next one and so on, so let’s not go there. The scene is really healthy at the moment with some crazy tunes always coming out, so let’s keep it that way.