How did you first get involved in the Underground music scene?

We each have a love for electronic music and production and we have all taken the Level 3 BTEC Music Tech course at City of Bath College with Harvey going into his second year. Jake first got into the scene by going to festivals throughout his child life and teens and being exposed to heavy beats and bass from an early age. Ben has been listening to phat sounds for many years and this is now culminating in crafting his own. Harvey’s DJing skills began at a young age and has gone through every phase of drum and bass obsession.

What made you get into the producing side of things?

For Ben: Neurofunk and anything with dark reeses . For Harvey it’s Drum and Bass in general. For Jake it has always been a soulful love of music of all kinds and electronic music is just one inspiration.

What influences you when making music?

Ben: Interesting futuristic sounds. Harvey: Rolling beats and dark sounds; anything which makes me dance. Jake: Everything.

Can you tell us about your production process?

Start with good sounding drum samples. Give each sound its’ own space with EQs and Stereo imaging. Push each sound to the max with the least amount of plugins and effects. Take inspiration from other styles of music of all kinds.

What makes drum & bass different from other genres?

The range of different styles, sound design, soundscaping, rhythmical variations and generally different kinds of imagination makes drum and bass stand out for us. We love the element of excitement and exhilaration which can be found in drum and bass. The kind of themes which you can hear in drum and bass are often much more vivid and create a far more visceral experience than those which can be found in many other genres. We Love Drum and Bass!

Who are your favourite Producers?

Some of our favourites: Subtension, Maztek, Noisia, Spor, Billain, Octane and DLR, Break, Dj Die, Kryptic Minds, Biome, Icicle, Stealth, SCAR, Allied, Amoss, Audio, Detail, Alix Perez, iM3, Armenez, Audiomission.

Who are your favourite DJ’s?

B-Traits, Harvey, Audiomission, Loxy, Ant TC1, Emperor,

How do you feel about the Drum & Bass scene today?

We love it! We feel that there is plenty of fresh material still hitting our eardrums and we reckon there will be for years to come. Our vision is to create wild music which satisfies the needs of the progressive nature of the scene.

Do you have any advice for other up & coming producers & Djs?

Get monitors, practice, don’t overdo it on processing and enjoy what you’re doing. Also, do something different, we don’t want to keep hearing the same music!

What has been the most memorable time since your involvement in the scene?

Producing together as a group and creating music which we all enjoy.

What are your future plans on Default Recordings?

Continue making tunes and see what the label has to offer us and vice versa. We look forward to what is to come with the label and also developing our skills!