We bring you volume 3 from our eagerly awaited remix project. These feature remixes from Default artists breathing new life into tracks from our back catalogue. This time around we have Kidsan, Henry and Coolhand Flex on remix duty.

Kidsan takes on the huge task of remixing DJ Ransome’s monster of a tune “Fresh Air”. He does an excellent job flipping the vibes and taking the track into new realms.

Next up Fragment’s seminal “Say Or Do” get a rework from Henry. Ramping it up a notch with a more hi energy feel and stomping bass.

Last but not least, Madusea’s deadly track “Shades” gets some remix action from Coolhand Flex. Stripping down the formula and applying his own heavy dose of drums and subs.

Available in all good digital download stores & streaming sites 24.06.19.