We are very pleased to announce that Default Recordings has been featured in the highly respectable and long established dnb bible that is Knowledge Magazine. Please click here to see the interview!!


Default Recordings are a brand new digital d&b label. Deafult’s Piercey is a veteran of Kmag’s unsigned competition (back in 2011), and Flapjack has years of experience of the scene. With a new single ready to go, and some big names on board, we ask them to introduce themselves right here.

Tell us all about Default Recordings.

Flapjack: Default Recordings first came about back in 2003 whilst I was experimenting making tunes with Coolhand Flex and vocalist Cat Knight in my home studio and getting advice from them in music production. In the early days we made many tunes together but never actually got round to releasing them. I already had vinyl releases back in 1997 on DJ Rap’s label Proper Talent (DJ Rap & Flapjack Rumble Remix) and sub-label Unique Muzique (Gulfbreeze/Lucid Dreams) and Desires label S.U.S Recordings (Final Solution/Reverb) and thought the next step is to have my own label and continue to hone my producing skills. I set up Default Recordings to have an avenue to release our music without having to conform to the restraints of other labels and also having more control over what we release and when. For a while Default Recordings was on hold as I had a full time job and not much time on my hands but always had the intention to re-launch the label at some point in the future. After recently meeting up with Piercey who I met at work and found out he produced tracks I got introduced to IDC and I saw a lot of potential in them both. With this in mind and the other artists I had on the label previously (Coolhand Flex, QST & Cat Knight) I decided to re-launch the label with Piercey & IDC helping out. Having two others on board has helped a lot financially and in spreading out the workload getting the label up & running again and also bouncing ideas off each other.

You’re working with QST on the first release, and the tracks on it are quite different and diverse. Tell us about QST, the release and the tracks.

I first met QST back in 2005 when he approached me at a Raindance I was playing at, gave me a CD with his tracks on and asked me to listen to them, I knew straight away he had serious potential and have stayed in touch with him ever since. The first release on Default Recordings was always going to be a hard one as we wanted to make an impact straight away but we feel we have achieved this with QST due to his unique style and versatility. QSTs versatility is what prompted us to use his first release Yellow / Red Dwarf to showcase this and attract a wider audience. Default Recordings is about promoting different styles not just sticking to one formula, if it’s a good, well produced track we will release it.


Piercey, how have things moved on for you personally since your competition entry back in ’11 ? 

Piercey: I have been working at home on d&b tracks, some breaks and a few hip hop tunes with a couple of local rappers, I still enter your competitions now and again. I was fortunate to have a tune out last December on Fat Hop records where I was on scratching duties for a UK Hip Hop EP called The Criminal Minds Present 32 Troop Battleplan which was cool. I also have been playing out at Hip Hop nights in Milton Keynes called Hip Hop Owes Me Money Parts 1, 2 etc we are up to 5 now coming up in July 2013 and also at Kingunderground records hip hop nights where I also help out part time at their record label. For me the best is yet to come with our launch of Default Recordings and getting good quality varied d&b music out to the masses….

Who are some of the other artists Default is working with? What are they up to at the moment, music wise?

The other artists we have on the label are DSP who will be our 3rd release, he is busy in the studio at the moment making d&b for the label and he also produces Hip Hop and has been working on a Hip Hop 4 track EP due out on vinyl very soon under the pseudonym IllRepute. Coolhand Flex, IDC & Piercey are also busy with new tracks for the label with IDC working with vocalist Cat Knight for their debut release called “congress”, Cat Knight will be working alongside all the artists on the label with her great vocals. Piercey has some great tracks called “Coming Back” and “Flash Forward” which has been getting good feedback so expect big things from him. We have also been in negotiations with Garp aka Saxxon (one half of Savage Rehab) for remix work in the not too distant future!

You’ve also got a couple of big names on the books. How did you hook up with Cool Hand Flex, and Cat Knight?

I have known Cat Knight for over 20 years and she is a close friend. We first met regularly bumping into each other at raves, we both lived in the same town hanging out with the same band of friends and it wasn’t long before we realised we shared a love of music, particularly the producing side of things.

I met Coolhand Flex through a friend about 10 years ago or so and having the same interests and love of the music, again particularly with producing we instantly hit it off and have been friends ever since.

Default Recordings

What’s the schedule for the next few releases for you guys?

Our first release by QST is due out on 10th June & we are getting ready for our 2nd release scheduled for July. This will be the legendary Coolhand Flex coming with a 4 track EP. Other releases lined up are by DSP, IDC & Cat Knight & Piercey and lastly myself. My aim is to release a joint venture with myself under the pseudonym Phrase with IDC once all the other artists have a release out on Default. We are planning to have a launch night for the label very soon and to keep releasing quality tracks and we are always updating the website defaultrecordings.co.uk with fresh content!