How did you first get involved in the Underground music scene?

I started Djing around 1992 playing hardcore / jungle and hiphop in my Bedroom, I was 12 years old and was obsessed with the Rave Scene even though I was to young to go out anywhere. I would obsess over gear in magazines that I could not afford to buy and would just really buy as musc vinyl as I could from local and london record shops.

What made you get into the producing side of things?

Around 1994 I changed schools because the other school had an Akai sampler (obviously that’s not what I told my parents) I could not afford one at the time, I had an atari ST and crappy sampler card at the time so the use of an Akai was a big help. I later started to work in a studio in a local record shop.

What influences you when making music?

Most of my influences come from the music I love to hear, there too many good tunes to mention from over the years. Also just digging for samples and collecting vinyl is a great source of just finding random things to sample.  Most of the music I make involves analog synths and 70’s breakbeats so that is inspiring in itself.

Can you tell us about your production process?

I currently use Reaper and various outboard, I start with an initial idea either a sample or drums, whatever grabs my brain at the time, it can be capturing the vibe of an old tune that I love or I could be watching a film and hear something that give that initial spark of an idea.

What makes drum & bass different from other genres?

Its changed over the years but it’s the pace and possibilities within the range of 160 -175 bpm, I don’t see much point going any faster personally as I tend to use breakbeats and they sound ridiculous any faster.

Who are your favourite Producers?

From the old Days, Ed Rush and Optical, Dillinja, Goldie, Wax doctor. More recently , Macc, Dgohn, Equinox, Fracture, Nebula (he is a fucking bad man), paradox, nucleus.

Who are your favourite DJ’s?

Equinox, DJ trax, Fracture

How do you feel about the Drum & Bass scene today?

How long do you have, I’m quite opinionated about the DnB scene and would not like to preach but theres a corner I like and the rest of it is not to my taste.

Do you have any advice for other up & coming producers & Djs?

Do something different to the norm, also don’t follow the current fad just make what you believe fuck what is popular at the time unless thats really what you want.

What has been the most memorable time since your involvement in the scene?

There have been too many great nights down at herbal for me to even remember but most of my love came from the comeback of the breaks around 2001 – 2008 and having the legend Bizzy B playing about 10 of my tunes in a set once.

What are your future plans on Default Recordings?

To make music and represent what I love about music. Simple as that really.