RELEASE: 28th May 2018

Press Release – DEF052

1. Kidsan – Translucent
2. Conrad Subs – Bitten
3. J.O.E – Days & Hours
4. Henry – Funky Number
5. Coolhand Flex & Effekttz – Project X
6. Fragment – The Specialist
7. DJ Ransome – Circuitry
8. SynthForce – You Know The Truth
9. Foureye – Pandora’s Box
10. Coolhand Flex – Advanced Technology

Default Recordings have prided themselves in delivering only the very best. Time after time they’ve scouted out the newcomer realms to bring their fans the type of drum & bass which can not only play havoc within sets, but also draw a fan base towards the artists who Default have given a platform. And since 2013 they’ve spent their energy teaming up with likeminded individuals who want to debut their sonic cuts alongside the label and it’s helped to grow both Default as well as its roster, presenting a range of styles which have made drum & bass the genre which it is today.

Producers like Kidsan and Conrad Subs have burst through onto the scene in recent months and alongside this forthcoming ‘Harmonics’ compilation on Default they’re here to pave their way beside their collaborators.
Kidsan’s ‘Translucent’ sets the pace, with the Newcastle based producer presenting a jazzy, beat laddered record which opens up his flagrant musicality. Conrad Sub’s ‘Bitten’ does exactly what you’d expect from its namesake, driving at you with its full force between each snapping segment. J.O.E’s ‘Days & Hours’ picks through daintily with rising synth and a kicking bassline which funnels its way throughout the mix. Then Henry’s ‘Funky Number’ plucks through the composition with jiving instrumentals. Coming up next is Coolhand Flex & Effekttz’s ‘Project X’, which isn’t afraid to bring the duo out into the fray amongst the LP’s more aggressive offerings. Fragment’s ‘The Specialist’ has a liquid underpinning with diced up, tinkling atmospherics. And DJ Ransome’s ‘Circuitry’ teems with rolling drum patterns and antiquated notes, pulling you right down in amongst the lighter tracks showcased across the track listing.

SynthForce is more subdued in his approach, with ‘You Know the Truth’ being a perfect example of his exemplary production standard. Then you have Foureye’s ‘Pandora’s Box’, featuring a heavy set bassline and weighty subs, taking you down and dirty into his musical spectrum. Coolhand Flex’s ‘Advanced Technology’ brings you to the end, a heavy-hitting delivery which leaves a lasting impact, leaving you to bask in how intricately diverse the package proves to be as well as how talented each newcomer brought forward by Default has continued to be within their roster.