How did you first get involved in the Underground music scene?

I’ve always been into music as far back as i can remember. i still remember sitting on the school bus jamming with my massive cassette tape walkman (yes cassette tapes!!!) listening to early hip hop, de la soul, Ice T, Eric B and Rakim, KRS One, Public Enemy, Tuff Crew, Demon Boys.. man the list goes on, that sound inspired me, it was fresh and new. This lead me into the explosion of acid house. By this time I was about 16-17 and I started going to out to all-nighters, some illegal raves and some very early raves such as Fantastic Ibiza, Raindance, and fantasia to name a few which were held in these random warehouses. It was all new back in the day and the vibes where just amazing. Nothing like today. It was all about the music and having a good time, no pretences, everyone was there to have a good time, there was never any trouble or bad attitudes. Things just evolved from there really.

What made you get into the producing side of things?

I first started mixing when I was 17. I couldn’t get enough of the music, I started to buy vinyl like it was going out of fashion, it wasn’t until a few years later and the evolving sound from house to jungle and then to DNB thats when I decided to turn my attention to creating my own beats.

What influences you when making music?

Many things influence me when making music. It can be anything, from people around me making good music to something I heard or a new tune that’s caught my ear. It could be something I read. I tend to draw influences from anything really. That’s why I never get bored of music. There is always something to get hyped from, new sounds, new beats…

Can you tell us about your production process?

That’s a tough question to answer, I don’t go into the studio with some mapped out plan of what I’m going to make. It all depends what mood I’m in, what I’m feeling at that moment in time. Sometimes you make a tune and it just fits together and you think you’ve cracked the process and then the next time you start another tune nothing works and you end up climbing the walls. Those times you have draw inspiration and tackle it from a different angle..

What makes drum & bass different from other genres?

It’s such a diverse sound. Anything and everything has been sampled or created in DNB over the years, the scene is always changing, artist strive for the freshest sound, something different to stand out from everything else.. Don’t get me wrong, I do listen to other types of music and love it, but I always find myself coming back to drum and bass for that hit. I can’t explain it… A lot of people don’t get it. You either dig it or you don’t. What makes this sound different is it draws on many many different styles of music be it funk, soul, techno, house, hip hop whatever and gets thrown into a huge melting pot and the result is what I simply call the best music in the world. It’s outlived many different genres of music that have come and gone over the past 20 years and is still as strong as ever, if not stronger.

Who are your favourite Producers?

Over the years there has been many producers that have inspired me, early producers such as 4Hero, Photek, Alex Reece, Peshay, Lemon D, Dillinja, Johnny L, Bukem, Andy C, Digital, Roni Size and Krust, Total Science, the list goes on. These guys were the pioneers of the music forming the sound that we hear today. Many are still going strong and still at the top of their game. In recent years guys like Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Alix Perez, S.P.Y, Lenzman, have all been bringing a new edge to the music, pushing the boundaries and taking production to the next level which is what it’s all about.

Who are your favourite DJ’s?

It would have to be legends such as Bukem, Bryan G, Frosty, Fabs & Groove they are all DJ’s that I admire, these guys have been slaying crowds for years and are still the standout heavyweights of this music, no question!!

How do you feel about the Drum & Bass scene today?

I think the scene today is as healthy as ever, the number of producers out there today is unbelievable, the scene is now worldwide which can only be a good thing. On the flip side of that, there is a lot of throw away music being produced. Producers hear a big tune and try to mimic that sound rather than trying to create something new and original.

Do you have any advice for other up & coming producers & Djs?

Be yourself, find your own style and nurture that rather than trying to become the next Andy C, and keep plugging away at it…

What has been the most memorable time since your involvement in the scene?

There are many but one would have to be a few years back I used to attend Swerve on a Wednesday night down at the velvet rooms in London, sadly the club is no longer there but those nights were just phenomenal. The night was just all about fresh music, no mc’s just tearing beats. It was about the time when Liquid first immerged. Fabio and residents such as Addiction, Flight, Bailey with special guests each week such as Bukem and Rider used come down and tear the place apart every damn week. It wasn’t just about the music, but many top producers and dj’s used to attend on a regular basis and I had the chance to chat to a lot of them and gain inspiration and knowledge from them.

What are your future plans on Default Recordings?

With the help from Flapjack and Piercey, we really hope to get this label off the ground. We have a talented bunch of artists on board so I look forward to what the Default Camp can come up with. Watch this space…..