How did you first get involved in the Underground music scene?

Well i haven’t really been involved in the scene until now really, but music has been around me most of my life.

What made you get into the producing side of things?

Well me and my best mate taner we use to just mix at his after a day at college, we use to mix jump up and a bit of house thats how it all really started for me.

Then after a while i just downloaded a DAW and loads of bloody samples and taught myself how to produce really, and haven’t stopped enjoying ever since!

What influences you when making music?

A lot of things, life mostly haha…but i guess certain things do make me get in that creative mode.

The most creative i can get is after a music event, because my mind has been pretty much tortured with all different types of productions through the whole night the next morning i tend to just go and open my computer and let the creativity flow.

Can you tell us about your production process?

I normally start with the beat, that way i can eventually get the idea of what im trying to achieve in the outcome, so if its a funky neuro break then i would go onto my bassline.

I’ve heard people start with their intros first but i always make my basic flow in the track and start to add the rest of the bits after that, that way i can work my intro around the main part of the track

What makes drum & bass different from other genres?

Well for me its an ever changing genre of music, as they say its a genre that never dies! and on the other hand i don’t think your ever going to find a genre that can keep a single person moving for 8 hours in one night and not get tired ha ha.

Drum and bass is a wonderful example of how sound can move someone’s emotions, even with a sweet dnb steppa you don’t even need vocals you just need that rhythm and a good bassline that for me is why drum and bass stands out from any other genre!

Who are your favourite Producers?

That’s a hard question, I would have to say mefjus obviously because he is the god of neurofunk!

But at the moment I am really digging Amoss’s style, love their productions!

and last but not least technimatic, they amaze me with their style and the feeling you get when you hear a technimatic track being dropped in a set is unbeatable…biggest fan right here!

Who are your favourite DJ’s?

I’m going to say Dj Marky….now that guy knows his shit! Never seen someone mix so passionately

I cant really mention any others cause everyone has their own style of mixing which shouldn’t be the best or the worst, you would have to ask me on a night out which was my favourite.

How do you feel about the Drum & Bass scene today?

Got to appreciate all these new artists that are bringing the genre into the big time events, don’t think I have ever heard so much drum and bass being incorporated into other genres of music.

You even getting drum and bass bangers on the charts now! Who would of thought!

Do you have any advice for other up & coming producers & Dj’s?

Be passionate in what you do, don’t let it become something you don’t enjoy.

For me the whole point in music is to express myself and let out bad energy…even good energy.

And being able to play live in front of people is my dream…and getting paid for it is only a bonus of the job don’t let that become the most important thing otherwise you have defeated the purpose of why you did it in the first place.

What has been the most memorable time since your involvement in the scene?

Just being in a crowd of random strangers skanking the whole night away, have the best time of my life at a drum and bass event and I am going to cherish those moments to I get old.

What are your future plans on Default Recordings?

To release tracks that help to inspire people in their everyday lives, and play sets that can get a crowd moving ha ha.

And to collab with other artists! That’s what im looking forward to the most, its amazing what 2 peoples perspectives on music can sound like when it comes together. And last I think my overall plan is just to have fun…life is short so live it to its full capacity…just live a little.