How did you first get involved in the Underground music scene?

At the age 16 a friend of mine introduced me to drum and bass, he was producing drum and bass and showed me some of his beats and it caught my interest immediately, shortly after he took me to a Clubnight where Chase and Status were headlining. After that Wise Up, Hurt you, Havoc and the droids, were being constantly played on my mp3 player.

What made you get into the producing side of things?

The same mate as mentioned showed me his DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and what you can do with it. I first started out making hip hop beats, then switched to producing drum and bass and since then never changed the bpm.

What influences you when making music?

I think the natural progress of making a tune, for example you start on a vocal sample then build around a track a vibe and after a while the vocal is not any longer relevant for the track and you can easily remove it.

Can you tell us about your production process?

I mostly start every tune from scratch so over time another kick, snare, bass, vibe. Most of the time i start with the drums then pick some samples or a synth and build up a rough draft of what i want and then go from there.

What makes drum & bass different from other genres?

I think that drum and bass has so many sub genres in its self which are different to each other.

Who are your favourite Producers?

At the moment Calibre, Enei, Emperor, Logistics, Bcee, T>I just to name a few.

Who are your favourite DJ’s?

Too many to mention!

How do you feel about the Drum & Bass scene today?

I think that it’s really good to see that Drum & Bass has developed itself into a global music genre and still not losing its underground roots.

Do you have any advice for other up & coming producers & Djs?

Don’t get stuck on other opinions, feedback is always good to receive and to respect but its your track and you have to like it!

What has been the most memorable time since your involvement in the scene?

As I’m only 22 years old and in this scene for maybe 5-6 years i’d say the time around Chase and Status released More Than Alot as Drum and Bass was dead and so alive especially in my area and for me.

What are your future plans on Default Recordings?

To prove myself as a non UK Artist in the country that pioneered drum and bass, hopefully working further with the label and getting some more music out there.